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Meeting rooms for every occasion, smooth processes, catering par excellence – this isn’t just the standard we aspire to today, but what it has been for the past 35 years. That is how long Fraport Conference Center has been offering spaces for all kinds of business exchanges. Whether a short meeting, a conference of several hours’ length or a large event – every day, we welcome our clients at our ideally located venue.

We are looking forward to the next 35 years with you!

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time ...

... on February 23, 1988, the Airport Conference Center (ACC) opened its doors for the first time.

Even then we thought big: the ACC offered space for up to 500 people across 18,000 square feet and 14 rooms. What made the ACC stand out, however, was its state-of-the-art technical equipment. Clients were able to book the first privately-owned video conferencing room on West German soil and at a European airport. This enabled direct worldwide video communications between continents via satellite. Ten years later the ACC had become an established congress and conference center: in 1998, 9,800 events with over 72,000 participants were held here.

But that wasn’t all: the demand for smaller rooms grew. Today Fraport Conference Center welcomes individuals and groups of up to 150 persons on our 30,000 square feet and in 31 rooms!

Welcome to the Fraport Conference Center ...
...we look forward to seeing you.

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Thanks to our 35 years of experience of preparing and implementing business meetings, conferences as well as larger events, we coordinate and accompany all types of meetings with the same degree of care and dedication – because making your event a success is and always will be our goal!

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